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 Putting the LX into diagnostic mode

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PostSubject: Putting the LX into diagnostic mode   Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:58 am

This works on ALL LX body vehicles.

These procedures are invaluable tools, potentially saving you lots of time and heartache. Lastly, a cluster diagnostic.

Press and hold the trip meter reset then turn the key to "ON", the
gauges will step through the wholoe range. If your gauge is acting
funny, this is an easy way to see if it's the sender or the gauge.

ADDED: How to access engine operating hours, found on 300Cforums.

This time, turn the key to ON first, THEN press and hold the odometer/tripmeter reset for about 6-8 seconds. The
engine operating hours will display. Divide this by your odometer miles
reading to discover your average speed over the life of the car.
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Putting the LX into diagnostic mode
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