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 simple fix

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PostSubject: simple fix   Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:15 pm

OK i think i have the oldest truck of anyone one here but we probably all have the same sensors etc. I was supposed to leave work yesterday at 12 and hopped in went to start it and no juice...(my fault i left the interior light on) so i get a jump and get it started but as soon as i take my foot off the gas it dies...ok...try to start it without the jump and it starts but soon as i take my foot off the i start it a third time...put my book of paramedic protocols on the gas pedal and keep it running for about 15 minutes hoping that if it is just cold or whatever it will go away with the cold. while it is warming up i call Rumblebee2331 (Eli). we chat about what happend and rule out alternator and battery. we discuss all the recent work we have done (plugs, tranny filter/fluid general oil change) and the problems that i have been having. (my idle has been randomly revving, or dying, when i hit the gas it hesitates all sorts of lovely things like this) so eli comes up with the Throttle position sensor (TPS) also it is different than the TPS reports needed in the movie Office Space... so i go out and take my book of laws off the gas pedal and sure enough it dies. so i take the work truck down to autozone and pick up the TPS sensor for 37.00. come back. it is two screws right into the side of the throttle body. and a clip...popped it out and popped it back in...start it up...and Runs. not only does it run but i went out Christmas shopping and it ran beautifully. better than it has in months. i am pretty excited so my huge thanks goes to Eli for his trouble shooting genius once again!.

I bet a few of you guys out there know this but maybe there is someone who dosent who this could be helpful to.

As a side note about three weeks ago i was at the grocery store to get a battery for my remote starter. when i came out from the store with no battery i went to turn on the truck and the key went into the on position and then all the guts of the ignition turned inside and the truck wouldnt start. SO i called eli. (who convienently has my spare set of keys and starter) He brought me the keys with a starter with a good battery in it. we were able to start the truck the car starter and then just put in the key and turn it into the on position. It ran! i have yet to fix it as it is right before christmas but for now i have a new security system. KEEP THE KEY IN THE IGNITION. truck wont go anywhere without the car starter. kinda funny.

The place is looking great guys. keep up the good work...happy holidays too.
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PostSubject: Re: simple fix   Wed Dec 23, 2009 6:49 pm

I am stoked that its running great!

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simple fix
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